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Design consultancy is strictly required for a project to be successful. At P.A.P, we define there should be a synchronous process from solution, design consultancy, management to production, supply, and training process to achieve the highest quality.

With solid professional knowledge and experienced engineers, P.A.P is confident to be the best supplier of industrial kitchen – laundry project design consulting services today.

1. Design consultancy for industrial kitchen and laundry systems for the following agencies:

  • 5-star hotels and below
  • Restaurants, food stores
  • Industrial parks – factories
  • Schools, hospitals

2. Steps to design the standard industrial kitchen – industrial laundry

Applying the advanced management system in the food business to work. The Design consultancy process includes the following steps:

Step 1: Customer need investigation

Step 2: Site survey

Step 3: Consultancy on the basic of maximizing benefits for customer

Step 4: Preliminary design

Step 5: Approval by customer

Step 6: Detailed design

Step 7: Modification according to customer’s desire.

With a team of design experts with more than 10 years of experience in this field, PAP commits to bring the highest satisfaction to the most demanding customers.

Some typical projects designed by us:

Almanity Hotel, Minh Toan Hotel, Da Nang Administrative Centre, Helio Center, Van Da Hotel

Resort Amanity Hội An

Toyota Đà Nẵng

Four Season The Nam Hai Resort


Construction and installation of industrial kitchen and laundry systems for:

– 3-star, 4-star, 5-star hotels

– Restaurants – fast food stores

– Industrial parks

– Schools, hospitals

Thanks to applying an advanced quality management system to the construction and installation work, the work quality is always ensured, the project progress is always guaranteed.

  1. Checking the technical drawings
  2. Installing according to the design
  3. Cleaning after installation
  4. Test run
  5. Usage instruction
  6. Handover and acceptance

Our construction and installation team are well-trained and experienced, having constructed more than 100 big and small projects stretching from Vinh city to Nha Trang city. Quality and progress of construction and installation work are always put on top – Satisfying customers’ desire is our principle of operation

Visit to see more projects we completed:


Our project management team is trained through many big projects, which are equivalent to international project management standards. They have extensive experience in planning and organizing project implementation, controlling time and quality, coordinating with the Project Management Board and other contractors to ensure that the project is done within the allowable time with the best quality.

After the project is constructed and installed, P.A.P technical staff shall be responsible for guiding and training customer to use the products and the kitchen.

Instruct the operation and maintenance:


  • Proficiently instruct the usage of equipment, emergency case handling
  • Provide the operating manuals
  • Instruct the routine maintenance and daily maintenance
  • Provide the genuine spare parts with the best price, support the replacement work


With an experienced engineering team, and adequate technical equipment, we have completed the maintenance and repair services of many types of equipment, complex industrial systems, many types of imported modern machinery, etc.

When you have technical problems in production operation, please call us 24/7. Our technical staff shall come to your site to support you as soon as possible.

For remote works, you may send damaged equipment to P.A.P, we shall quote the price, repair time and payment method. The repair is only considered complete after you have inspected and accepted the equipment.

At P.A.P, all equipment is warranted for 12 months from the date of delivery or handover of equipment.

  1. Warranty conditions:

The machine/equipment is warranted for 12 months (from the date recorded on the acceptance minutes signed by both parties) if the damage is determined as a reason of technical problem of the manufacturer

  1. Cases not covered by warranty:

– The machine/equipment is damaged due to installation, maintenance, misuse or failure to follow the attached instructions.

– The machine/equipment is damaged due to the following reasons: risk of fire, natural disaster, natural wear and tear, unsafe environment, falling during transportation, arbitrarily moving

– The machine/equipment is damaged due to insect intrusion (rats, cockroaches, ants, termites, etc.)

– The machine/equipment is damaged due to weak and contaminated water source (dishwasher, ice maker)

– The machine/equipment is damaged due to unstable power supply, fluctuating beyond the allowable capacity, or arbitrarily replacing/designing the power cord improperly

– Machine/equipment is damaged due to arbitrary repair, change of product structure without permission or supervision by P.A.P

– The serial number sticker on the device is erased or removed from the equipment

– In case of loss or breakage, damage to consumables, glass, plastic, metal accessories (for example: light bulbs, wires, bolts, nuts, glass surface, trays, refrigerator racks, gas, etc.)

Warranty process:

When there is a problem that needs to be handled, please follow the process and contact the following information:

P.A.P Co., LTD – Warranty Department

Hotline: 02363.60.88.60     Email:

Customer => Maintenance department => P.A.P

Note: The maintenance department carries out the preliminary check and provides full information to the supplier including: status of equipment, pictures, model, information of the person in charge when contacting

PAP technicians shall come to the customer’s workplace to provide warranty service within 24-48 working hours (except for force majeure events caused by natural disasters such as storms, floods, lightning strikes or earthquakes, etc.)


P.A.P provides genuine spare parts for industrial kitchen equipment.

If you need to replace, check or buy spare parts, please contact the hotline: 02363 60 88 60.

Link to buy spare part:


P.A.P Co., Ltd. owns a stainless steel factory with area of 1000m2 in Hoa Khanh Industrial Par, with modern machines and skilled workers.

Supply cheap Laser cutting – and CNC cutting service, design at the request. Implement a full service package to reduce costs and effort of customer

With many years of experience in the profession, with a team of skilled and specialized staff and advanced machinery system, P.A.P shall be the perfect choice for you when you have the need for metal laser cutting.

Using the service by P.A.P, you shall be guaranteed


– Machine the difficult parts with high complexity and accuracy up to 99% by modern CNC machine system

– May be processed on many materials such as: Steel plate, stainless steel, aluminum plate, galvanized steel, etc. and many other products at the request of customers in large quantities within short period of time.

– The products delivered to customer are guaranteed to be uniform and nice.

– With a large workshop scale and a team of experienced and highly qualified engineers, we shall create technically correct products and meet all customer requirements.

Especially, we provide metal laser cutting with the most competitive price in Da Nang city. So you can feel secured when choosing metal laser cutting service at P.A.P Company.

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