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P.A.P. - Perfect As Possible

Design | Stainless Steel | Laundry and commercial kitchen equipment

Our company combines the customer care and market knowledge with our network of International brands in order to provide bespoke solutions for your professional kitchen and industrial laundry requirements: from design consultancy to supplying commercial kitchen equipment and stainless steel fabrications.



Our team strive to deliver outstanding results for each of our customers, regardless of the scope of work or the size of the project by bringing our knowledge, network, passion and customer care to the table.
With long term vision for growth and sustainability in mind, we value and respect our clients, partners and our community.

commercial kitchen equipment


Aiming to become Vietnam's market leader in import and distribution of industrial laundry and commercial kitchen equipment, as well as perfecting our craft in kitchen design and stainless steel manufacturing, in order to satisfy highest international standards.

Business philosophy

Orientation of company development by model: People ⇒ Solution ⇒ Achievement


Our team is our greatest asset: dedication, knowledge, creativity and work ethic


Building long term relationships based on trust and cooperation


Professionalism and competency is the core of our business


We built our reputation throughout the last 20 years and we are always aiming higher


Customer satisfaction

P.A.P. is striving for continuous improvement of our work flow, knowledge, craftsmanship and human capital in order to satisfy the client's highest demands and always provide top notch quality service in kitchen design consulting, laundry and kitchen equipment supply and stainless steel fabrications.


Happy customers

Start with the first brick


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Our partners

With a long term vision, P.A.P. has partnered with world’s most prestigious brands in commercial laundry equipment and commercial kitchen equipment to provide comprehensive solutions for any project.

Laundry | Drying | Restaurant kitchen equipment | Kitchen Design Consulting | Stainless Steel Fabrications

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